Kaela Maternity {League City Maternity Photographer}

I hadn’t seen my friend K in a couple years, and she doesn’t share a lot of photos online.  I’ve never seen her pregnant (that’s what military life does to you =P) so I knew I was in for a treat on this trip to the island.  As soon as I saw her I was pretty sure she was the most beautiful pregnant person I’d ever seen!  She’s just so zen about everything, exuding a quiet calm.  

While there, I stayed with another of our girl friends and she tagged along.  Which meant that I got to shoot with the photographer who inspired me to do this in the first place.  Lisa of Simply Baby Photography is not only a friend but I look up to her in the biggest way.  Getting to catch up and gossip girl talk and talk shop was such a blast!  I love that her house is as crazy as mine, I worried I might miss my boys too much but hers kept me full up on the snuggles.

Lisa suggested this location and I love, love, love how these came out!