Sweet boys {League City Children’s Photographer}

My poor boys (and their cousins) are always the guinea pigs when I want to scout new locations.  Sometime the first try ends, well, not so well.  This sort went…both.  Ha!  They were tired and cranky and it was HOT, but we managed to snag the very few smiles (real or forced) they actually gave us.

You know, when you’re kid is THIS AWESOME, its hard to remember that they are really little and not to expect so much.  I need to tell him how cool he is more often.

So funny, “mommy, take one like this!”

How much am I digging the summer “golden hour” lately?!


And my babies’ sweet little cousins.  I’m so glad they have each other, both boys and so close in age.  Did I mention they live around the corner?  It really is a blessing.

Little goober WANTED that weed, man!

Its so funny to me how much little Logan has a personality like Aidan (my oldest).  They were both happy as could be and ready to do whatever we asked.  And Lane and baby Sloan were in tears within minutes =P


Its funny NOW…it usually takes a while and then I realize it 😉