S Family {League City Family Photographer}

Three Christmases ago I told my aunt that I would give her an image of her entire family if she could get everyone together.  Well, when she found out that she’d be undergoing chemotherapy for the fourth time and losing all of her hair I decided we had waited long enough!  I gathered everyone (NOT an easy task!) and we met to get something we knew she’d love.  Unfortunately when we’d gotten out to the beautiful flower-covered field I wanted to use as our backdrop, we discovered it had been mowed over!  Well, I’m nothing if not adaptable so we walked out to the trees and I posed everyone together.  We had lots to work against us but I hope she will treasure this image and that it will be one that will give her peace an strength in the darkest and most trying of times.


Mom and dad with just the kids


And just the grandkids

Just the girls



And just the boys