KRP is changing it up!

     Some big changes are happening around here!  First things first, we’re getting a new look, logo, website, even Facebook is getting a face lift.  But it goes far beyond what you, the client, can see on the surface.  What does that mean for you?  Well, for one thing, I now “specialize”, meaning that I focus my attention mostly on the beginning 0f your little one’s life.  From maternity to baby’s first birthday, especially that sweet, fleeting newborn period.

       Since I don’t photograph weddings and events I have tons of time to devote to not only keeping my skills current for that special sub-set of portraiture, but I am also able to focus my attention on YOU!  Your family and your needs and desires are unique.   When you choose custom photography you are investing in an experience.  A unique-to-you, personalized experience.   Specializing in this type of portraiture allows me to devote all my time, attention and skills to create exactly the type of custom artwork you’re after.  Plus I get to visit with expecting parents and snuggle little babies all the time =P I love that part!