Emma’s Birth {Houston Birth Photographer}

Remember Emily?  Well, she’s got another sweet babe cookin’ and I got to be there and capture all the details!

Luckily this time went much faster than the last, even though I think this time was a little harder on her.  She is a total birth rock star, look at that concentration!  She, her hubby and Intended Mama all helped her work hard through each contraction.  She had a really great and helpful team!


About 6 hours of “easy” labor and about 6 hours of really intense work it was finally time to push.  If you’ve ever wondered why/how surrogates do what they do, this is the only answer I’ve ever needed.  Both of their faces say every word necessary.  Perfect.


Congratulations to the BRAND NEW PARENTS and way to go Em!  You rocked another beautiful birth!