Week 34/52 My baby, the activist :D

A local mama was recently asked to leave her gym’s child care room for nursing her baby. Not only was their asking her to leave against the law, read about your state’s laws here, but the owners of the gym were unapologetic in their staff’s mishandling of the situation. So, more »

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Week 32/52 Mr. B

How cute is this guy? His mama volunteered to help with my “Operation: Normalize Nursing in Public” project (coming very soon!). Here are a couple from their session:

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Weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31/52

Looks like I’ve slacked again, whoops! Its been pretty hectic around here. I’m having to learn how to be a single parent of two now that J is again attached to a boat. After a year on land I’ve gotten pretty spoiled! Week 28/52 A Boy and His Toys Week more »

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